Julia Krepska – co-founding director

After living and traveling extensively in Asia, I decided to set up a non-profit organization to help those most in need. In 2014 I and my husband Clint moved to Nepal to set up our first home for children living or working on the streets.

Running Our Sansar has been the most rewarding and challenging work I’ve ever done.

I love building something special with people who share similar values as me. I love being able to help children and families attain decent living conditions that they deserve. And most of all, I love seeing the lovely children in our home grow and flourish into happy, healthy and educated youngsters with a bright future ahead.

What I do for Our Sansar ranges from hiring and managing the local staff, to organizing projects with volunteers, to day-to-day financial and administrative tasks that keep Our Sansar running. I do not get paid for the work I do for Our Sansar. As such I do have another paying job, but I devote much of my waking hours to helping street children.  

Prior to founding Our Sansar, I studied Japanese at the University of Warsaw and International Relations at the Open University. I also worked as a multilingual consultant in Japan for 3 years. I love listening to Leonard Cohen and cooking traditional Polish food.